Saturday, 17 December 2011

Oh Go On Then...

Mai - Tai History (ADN 12-Inches of Love Edit exclusive edit)

 A Digital Needle (better known as Dylan & John)A Digital Needle (better known as Dylan & John) provide dancing time for dancers, thanks to our eclectic musical stylings. Nearly four years ago we cut our teeth with Toronto's popular 60's party, The In Crowd, which helped kick off a Motown, Funk and Soul revival in the city (which continues thanks to the likes of Shadows of Motown, to name but ah-one wicked party). Thanks to our ability to throw a good time, we came up quickly - from DJing Jimmy's Place (what we imagine was an Albanian mobster money laundering front) to playing some of the coolest venues in the city! Our musical preferences have evolved past the mainstream and are now situated in hard-hitting Afro, Caribbean and American Disco, Latin Soul, Reggae, Garage, Chicago House, Hip-Hop, New Orleans Funk and the odd gritty Gospel number. That being said, we pride ourselves in avoiding musical snobbery, finding common ground and getting any crowd off the wall and onto the floor. We love nothing more than to get Nana's backbone sliding next to some unsuspecting yuths, with a soul stomper, a funk classic or a lil' MJ....we're just a pair of disco loving sunday league soccer enthusiast/disc jockeys.

 Listen: Mai-Tai - History (ADN 12-Inches of Love Edit) by adigitalneedle

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Would Ya ??

One of Spain's finest on the case here for us with an exclusive edit of Exile Kiss you all over, downloadable only here !

Dynamicron, aka Roberto Marrero was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) in 1978 and is currently based in Madrid (Spain). At an early age Roberto showed great passion for music. He never missed any music tv show or broadcasted live, he spent the money he got in casettes and he was always playing his keyboard trying to reproduce his favorite artists' songs. He never had any formal music education but that wasn't an obstacle for he to be part of several bands and projects as bassist, guitar player, drummer, vocalist and producer.
In 1996 he he started to DJ'ing. Four years after he moved to Madrid and met Rayko. Although the two began producing at around the same time, Roberto had to take some time out, but fortunately Rayko gave him a bit of a push to be back at the controls again. Roberto is constantly supplying new stuff to his Soundcloud site; you can find some of these works released by labels such as Rare Wiri, Groove Democracy and Los Grandes (Dynamicron's own label

Dynamicron - Kiss you all over (Exclusive edit for Musica Hermosa)

Listen :

Kiss You All Over (Dynamicron Exclusive Edit for Musica Hermosa) by Dynamicron

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Oh You Pretty Things ...

The Residents - Kaw-Liga (Borgelites Dark Dub Remix)

Part 4 in the Memoirs from Future series remixed by Borgelite

The idea behind this remix was to give it a feel of a late 80's DJ edit bootleg.

Listen :

The Residents - Kaw-Liga (Borgelites Dark Dub remix) by Musica Hermosa

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Friday, 28 October 2011

Michael Doherty 1927 - 2011

My beautiful Dad sadly passed away last saturday, i love him so much and now thankful that he isn't suffering anymore. Words cannot explain how much i miss him. Sleep well Dad xxx

Neil Young - Old Man.

Neil Young - Old Man (Re-visited) by Musica Hermosa

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Starsky Hoover Sounds Off...

Exclusive Vinyl only guest mix from Spain's Starsky Hoover,

Tracklisting :

1/HEAVY DISCO EDITS - "Come together"

2/ASHA PUTHLI - "Space Talk" (The Kompleks Edit) - Plimsoll

3/TAMEKA STAR - "Going in circles"- Super Value Edit

4/LTJ EDIT REWORK - "You know" - It´s a small world disco

5/SUPER VALUE EDITS - Edit of Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love by Odyssey

6/LA TUERIE - "Zanzibar" - Sleazy beats Recordings

7/KASTIL - "Rolls royce" - Outernational

8/DUFF DISCO - "I remember" - Tenth circle

9/TOOMY DISCO - "Blues city" - Disko

10/MEMORYMAN - "I´ll be there" - Small world disco edits

11/PILLOW TALK - "Love makes parks" - Visionquest Beach

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Alexander The Great

Alexander Robotnick Nu-Disco & More

Tracklisting :

1) Phunktastike - Phunkadelic Experience (original)

2) Marbeya Sound - Paseo Por Dhoa (Sare Avlichek Tight mix)

3) Kelton Prima - Vacuum Phenomenon (Ytre Rymden Dannskola mix)

4) One Day in Metropia - Night Train

5) Todd Terje - Ragysh (original)

6) Disco Vigilantes - 4the Illusion

7) Space Ranger feat Capt K - Nightmoves (George Vala rmx)

8) Jr Seaton - In your mask I see a better person

9) Nico Jimenez - The Swirl

10) DJ Serf - Everything Is Alright

11) Arnaud Rebotini - Personal Disctator (Motor RMX)

12) Groove Magnifique - Keep Groovin (Jordan Fields rmx)

13) G Rizo - Boys (orig)

14) Arion Musiclab - Wicked Wings (orig)

15) Fatboy Slim vs Koen Groneveld - Rockafeller Skank (orig)

16) Hans S - Transformation (orig)

17) Lombardo Paladino - Roulette (orig)

18) Heavy Duty Brothers - Filf Gamer

19) Aeonism - The Juggermaut (orig)

Alexander Robotnick Nu-Disco & More - April 2011 DJ-Mix by Alexander Robotnick

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fuck This For a Game Of Soldiers

Neon Heights - Music for Gravediggers Mixtape

Tracklisting :

Ambulance ltd - Arbuckle's swan song
Santo & Johnny - El bimbo
Malinga 5 - Marie-therese
Quantic and his Combo Barbaro - Mas Pan (DJ Day remix)
The Beekeepers - Sea Change
Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng
Bonnie Prince Billy - Cravo e Canela
2 Bears - Church (darkstarr rmix0
Unreleased Music Hermosa / Neon Heights edit
Johnny Cash - Ain't no grave

Music for gravediggers by Neon Heights

Saturday, 19 February 2011

When It Rains It Pours... 3 Of A Kind...

Richard Ace - Staying Alive

Roots Uprising V's Stevie Wonder - Masterblaster Jammin

Leftside Wobble - Safari Kiss

When In Rome...

La Bionda - I Got Your Number (Berlinmachine Edit / slowed by us)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Good For The Sole...

Six Million Steps & Wayne Hemmingway - Blackpool Mecca

Tribute mix compiled for the talc infused hallowed floorboards of the Blackpool Mecca for last years Vintage at Goodward festival

Tracklisting :

Connie Laverne - Can't Live Without You
Razzy - I Hate Hate
Delilah Moore - It Takes Love
Bobby Hutton - Lend A Hand
Eloise Laws - Love Factory
Derek Martin - Beautiful Woman
Larry Saunders - On The Real Side
Little Beaver - Listen To My Heartbeat
Creative Source - Don't Be Afraid (Take My Love)
Southside Movement - Do It To Me
Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl
Street People - You're My One Weakness Girl
Crown Heights Affair - Every Beat Of My Heart
Moments - Nine Times
Archie Bell & The Drells - Let's Groove
Four Below Zero - My Baby's Got ESP
Double Exposure - Ten Percent
Nite-Liters - K-Jee

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