Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Starsky Hoover Sounds Off...

Exclusive Vinyl only guest mix from Spain's Starsky Hoover,

Tracklisting :

1/HEAVY DISCO EDITS - "Come together"

2/ASHA PUTHLI - "Space Talk" (The Kompleks Edit) - Plimsoll

3/TAMEKA STAR - "Going in circles"- Super Value Edit

4/LTJ EDIT REWORK - "You know" - It´s a small world disco

5/SUPER VALUE EDITS - Edit of Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love by Odyssey

6/LA TUERIE - "Zanzibar" - Sleazy beats Recordings

7/KASTIL - "Rolls royce" - Outernational

8/DUFF DISCO - "I remember" - Tenth circle

9/TOOMY DISCO - "Blues city" - Disko

10/MEMORYMAN - "I´ll be there" - Small world disco edits

11/PILLOW TALK - "Love makes parks" - Visionquest Beach

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?3cjgeq6vexxr25w

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