Saturday, 17 December 2011

Oh Go On Then...

Mai - Tai History (ADN 12-Inches of Love Edit exclusive edit)

 A Digital Needle (better known as Dylan & John)A Digital Needle (better known as Dylan & John) provide dancing time for dancers, thanks to our eclectic musical stylings. Nearly four years ago we cut our teeth with Toronto's popular 60's party, The In Crowd, which helped kick off a Motown, Funk and Soul revival in the city (which continues thanks to the likes of Shadows of Motown, to name but ah-one wicked party). Thanks to our ability to throw a good time, we came up quickly - from DJing Jimmy's Place (what we imagine was an Albanian mobster money laundering front) to playing some of the coolest venues in the city! Our musical preferences have evolved past the mainstream and are now situated in hard-hitting Afro, Caribbean and American Disco, Latin Soul, Reggae, Garage, Chicago House, Hip-Hop, New Orleans Funk and the odd gritty Gospel number. That being said, we pride ourselves in avoiding musical snobbery, finding common ground and getting any crowd off the wall and onto the floor. We love nothing more than to get Nana's backbone sliding next to some unsuspecting yuths, with a soul stomper, a funk classic or a lil' MJ....we're just a pair of disco loving sunday league soccer enthusiast/disc jockeys.

 Listen: Mai-Tai - History (ADN 12-Inches of Love Edit) by adigitalneedle

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